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Ways to get your home ready for a property manager and/or tenants

PMI Accelerate - Monday, March 8, 2021

It is very important to get all necessary fixtures and improvements done to the house before it is handed over to the tenant or property manager. In addition to that, this helps in getting tenants who are prepared to pay a higher monthly sum.

Here are some areas you need to pay attention to

1. All appliances should be in working condition

If your house has already been rented out in the past, there is every chance that one or more of the electronic appliances may not be in shape. A good practice is to get all the repair jobs done before a new tenant arrives. Get the air conditioners, washing machine, microwave, and all other appliances checked. 

2. A fresh paint job of the entire house

Even if your tenant has been living carefully, the walls and doors may not have the perfect paint condition. Particularly, if the family had kids, expect pencil marks, oily handprints, and sorts of stains. Hence, get a fresh coat applied as this makes the appearance pleasant.

3. Fumigation/Pest Control

Usually when the house has been vacant for some time, pests, and insects. Getting a complete fumigation job is essential. If the house has an attic, basement, or garage, call a professional team to perform this job. Insects can cause major discomfort for the tenant walking in and leads to health/hygiene issues as well. 

4. Electrical lightings and plumbing services

It can be a frustrating situation for any tenant when some bulbs, fans, or lamps are not working. The best way to get this job done is by hiring a professional vendor. He would not only check the lightings but the wiring as well. In addition to that, any problems related to power and voltage will be detected and repaired in due course of time.

Seepage problems can worsen at a rapid pace if the repair work is not done in due course of time. Before handing over your house, get a professional plumbing team to perform these checks. From bathroom fittings to pipe joints and water valves, everything should be in perfect working condition. It would be more problematic to get these repair jobs done when the tenant moves in so a proactive approach is needed.

5. Cleaning and vacuum 

For any tenant, hygiene is the biggest priority as no one wants to live in a dirty environment. Make sure that all the rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, hall, and other areas of the house are cleaned properly.

  • Windows usually get very dusty when the house remains vacant.  Get it vacuumed so that there is no dust flying over the place. Similarly, basements usually get dusty even without a day of cleaning. Performing a proper cleaning job will improve the level of cleanliness.

Homeowners are responsible for bringing everything into shape before renting out the property. Even after the tenant starts living in, he or she is responsible for small-scaled maintenance. A good tip is getting all the repairs and replacements done properly before the rent out.